You cannot go wrong with this beard wash

Posted on August 10, 2015 By

Hello again my trusty readers. My absence has been far too long and I’m hoping to put it instantly behind me with something new for you to feast your eyes upon. So, just what do I have in store for you?

I’m afraid to say there’s a great deal of you who probably won’t find this article of any use, as its only really targeted at men with beards. If you happen to be a women with a beard then feel free to join the party! But in truth, I highly doubt there are any of you out there.

So, why beards? Beards have become so popular in the last couple of years I simply cannot believe it. We have moved on from a time where they were unanimously considered scruffy and untidy and were associated with laziness, unhealthiness, and homeliness.

A bearded gentleman

What do beards mean now? Beards are now associated with virility, class, fashion and strength. Traits that all men should strive to have. Some people may not view beards in this light, but that’s certainly how I see them, and how I think the media and popular culture are conveying them. Needless to say, despite me delaying it for some time, this has had an effect on me, and three months ago was the turning point.

I suddenly woke up and felt the urge, no the need to have a beard. Why was it so sudden? I have no idea. All I knew then was that I was ready to throw away my razor. Now, three months on, I have a healthy and lustrous beard. I couldn’t be prouder of it. The only problem I’ve found with having a beard is the maintenance. I thought having one would save me time, as it meant I wouldn’t have to shave every other morning, but in truth, I do spend a good deal of time each day applying product and styling it with a comb.

Which is a nice segue into the whole point of this blog post – the product review. I’ve been testing out this beard wash over the past few weeks and I really love the way it makes my face feel after using it. It’s deep cleaning, which means I only have to use it once or twice a week. I apply it just like you’d apply a shampoo in the shower. For me, it does a top-notch job, and isn’t too expensive either. For that reason I give it a 4.5 out of 5.