Upping My Grooming Game

Posted on March 8, 2017 By

In recent times I’ve become pretty hooked on men’s grooming products. I’m not quite sure what has led to this new obsession. Perhaps its because there seems to have been a shift in perception of what man ought to look like, and to what degree they should be taking care of themselves.

I have noticed this especially in western cultures. I hate to say it, but I am a bit of a conformer, so this bug has well and truly ensnared me too, and now I can’t get enough of paying care and attention to how I look, and more importantly the products I use during my grooming regime.

In the last few months, I have decided to do away with my beard, but still keep the moustache. I am much more happy and comfortable with this look. This has led to a slight switch in the products I am using on a daily basis.

electric razor

For example, instead of being clean shaven, I have opted to have around 5-6 day stubble at all times. This involves me using an electric razor to shave with every other day. As an aside, can you believe they have razors now that can leave you with stubble rather than a clean shave – it’s crazy!.

I think this is the best look to accompany the moustache, but unfortunately it has caused problems for me. Although having stubble looks great, it does cause me irritation, and unless I actively prevent it, my neck can get sore and in the worst cases break out with a rash. Fortunately I found something called stubble wash that helps combat this. It feels and smells amazing and is something I use every other day, after I’ve finished using my razor.

Other than this, the only other major item that I’ve added to my grooming weaponry is these Ciseaux à Barbe that I found available in france. They are pretty hardy and I can imagine them lasting me a very long time indeed. As well as this, they are sharp and can tackle any hair that is out of place. If you have a similar look to me, with these two items will you be able to keep yourself in a good nick.