Up Next – A Bluetooth Shower Speaker That Blew Me Away

Posted on May 26, 2015 By

Hey again faithful readers. I’m not sure about you but I personally love having a good sing song in the shower. So much so it began to become a bit of a problem within my relationship. You see, my girlfriend and I started living together only a few months ago, and until then she had no idea about my shower habits. Because our flat is quite small, she can pretty much hear me singing wherever she is in the house. This is always especially bad in the mornings, as I have to wake up earlier then her, she usually gets to stay in bed and sleep for another half an hour or so. That was until my loud singing kept on waking her up. I hate to say it, but I must sound nothing like this guy.

Sometimes I forget and I literally can’t stop myself from doing it. After she told me I had to stop I began to think about some potential solutions. I think the main reason why I did sing in the shower, wasn’t because it was a compulsion but because I was always amazingly bored in there. The sound of music usually halted this boredom and would always put in me a good mood, which in turn is a great way to start the day.

shower singing

I told her, what if I replace my singing with some different, more soothing music, and asked her if she thought that would help. We wanted to give it a go, and at first tried using a shower radio. This still kept on waking her up though, as the music kept on changing drastically. I’d heard from a friend that you could buy bluetooth speakers to use in the shower. I’m not sure exactly how the technology works but you connect to any music system in your house and start playing the specific music you want to hear. This was great as it allowed me to play some more ambient music. At the end of the day, I was happy and definitely not bored in the shower, and my girlfriend wasn’t waking up, so everyone was a winner. I couldn’t have done it without a top notch shower bluetooth speaker!