A Stainless Steel Bottle that will make all your friends jealous

Posted on May 13, 2016 By

Welcome back to Boston Regional Challenge! As we mentioned in the previous post – It’s been an awful long while since we last brought out an awesome post, but today is your lucky day!

In this post I’ll be reviewing a stainless steel water bottle that I found online recently and really caught my eye.

Before I get into all the details I thought it would be worthwhile explaining to all of you why I think using stainless steel water bottles in the first place is important.

In order to show this, its important to look at the alternatives. A lot of people nowadays seem to drink their water out of plastic bottles. There are a number of reasons why doing this is not only bad for you but bad for the planet too. The production of plastic is generally bad for the world. It isn’t biodegradable and often ends up in land fill sites or in the ocean. Although plastic water bottles are somewhat useable, they eventually wear, and people are often tempted to replace them with new ones.

stainless steel

This is the problem as it promotes the production of more and more plastic water bottles.

Another issue with plastic bottles is that they can leach potentially harmful toxins into your food. You may think your doing the planet a favour by reusing your plastic water bottle, but you may in fact be harming your own body in turn. Some of the harmful toxins that exist in plastic can be very harmful and it is not advisable to drink from the same plastic bottle for an extended period of time.

So, what are the alternatives I can hear you all ask. The good news is there is many, but today I will only be discussing one – the stainless steel water bottle.

Aside from the fact that they don’t leach toxins into your drink, and can be recycled, stainless steel water bottles are also great because they are incredibly good at retaining heat. That means if you want your drink to be cold or hot for a long time then that is no problem!

Another positive is that they are incredibly easy to clean and re-use again and again.

All in all I think they’re great, and you should check out the link I have left above to take a look at my favourite bottle that is available to purchase today!